Pole-mounted metal enclosed metering board

  Pole-mounted three-phase metering boards PCU-10 are designed for integration of Customers into Smart Power Distribution Network.

They’re used in overhead three-phase lines of alternating current of frequency 50-60 Hz and voltage 7.2-12 kV in purposes of:

  • Active and reactive energy consumption counting;
  • Collection and transmission of all data to the remote control point;
  • Detection of theft and loses of electric energy.

Typically metering boards are installed at network boundary points.

Metering boards consist of:

  • HV metering module, including voltage and current transformers (VT and CT);
  • LV module, including:
    • Active and reactive energy meter;
    • Device for data collection and transmission (GSM modem, router);
    • Network quality analyzer (by Customer’s demand);
    • Heater;
  • Module of surge arresters and dischargers;
  • Mounting kit.

Main Parameters*

Name of parameter Value
Rated voltage, kV 7,2; 12
Rated current of main circuits, А Up to 400
Transformer connection type 3CТ+3VT;
Accuracy class of current transformer 0,5S (0,5)
Maintenance Bilateral
Type of input and output lines Cable;
Type of insulation Air
Safety class of housing according to IEC 60529 IP54
Type of data transferring Via cable;

* By Customer’s demand and according to scheme of main circuits parameters may be changed.



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