KRPZ series complete aisle-type switching substations for outdoor installation are intensively used in today’s advanced medium voltage secondary distribution systems in purpose of housing of medium voltage apparatuses.

Prefabricated mobile modules allow minimizing time for installation and commissioning.

They may be equipped by switchgears of MV-1, MV-2, HMH, KSO-272, KSO-373 series or other type by Customer’s demand.

Aisle-type construction improves working conditions of stuff and safety level, making possible installation of thermal insulation, heating and forced ventilation for year-round service even in cold areas.

Main parameters of KRPZ*

>Name of parameter Value
Rated voltage, kV 7.2; 8.25; 12; 15; 15.5; 17.5; 24; 25.8; 27; 36; 38; 40.5
Rated current, А 630; 1000; 1600; 2000; 3150
Frequency, Hz 50; 60
Type of foundation Frame;
Type of terminals Overhead;Cable
Safety class of housing according to IEC 60529 IP34
Thermal insulation of hosing Yes; No
Aisle presence Aisle-type

* By Customer’s demand parameters may be changed.     

Our company offers retrofit implementation of obsolete substations by modern apparatuses.



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